tour tape

by kappa chow



released June 13, 2015

sloppy Joe: guitar, vox, synth, turntables, chain
ilse: drums, vox, synth, turntables, tambo
james: synth, shaker

recorded by jon mckiel, james "jamderson" anderson, and joe 2014-2015 at various locations in sackville, NB on quarter-inch tape and digital.

50 copies, hand-numbered.


terminal boredom:
Straight outta Sackville. Merch table item from a recent tour (with Purple Knight?!), eleven tunes recorded nice and rough, jus how we like em 'round here. KC records/tapes are always enjoyable, and I like this one fine too. Gritty but not total-shit recording, they use some primitive electronic stuff on some tracks that adds some charm, a lot of the tunes are bashed out Gories-style, a few are in a more punk Nineties Spoiled Brats/Rip Off fashion, dual guy-gal vox thing is cool when they intertwine/comingle/echo each other. Might be their most favorable outing yet, no repeats from the 7"es, nice "packaging" too. The "I Don't Like You"/Out the Door" close-out is real nice and gets you motivated to flip it again. Wise sequencing or coincidence? Support New Brunswick punk.

After reviewing three kinda pleasant but basically dull garage-esque punk things this one flipped me on my head. It's the same shit, but so much better. You gotta have pop sensibiltiy to pull this shit off, and kappa chow are so loose with the hooks that it all sounds effortless. Still filthy, still raw, and still suitable for bashing repeatedly/drunkenly in your...garage. Duh. top notch.


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kappa chow Sackville, New Brunswick

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