Punk as Fuck b​/​w Love on Me

by kappa chow



HEY all you up to no good, shaggy headed, hazy eyed, leather clad, ripped jean, ripped mind youth! Meet the new masters of your cultural scrapyard: KappaCHOW. skronking, buzzing, howling, trash canned out bliss of a trashed generation. Don't turn your back naively on the next wave of rock and roll redemption. what Kappa Chow does is to distill sonic language to its most effective state. It is inevitably physical, undeniably cool. If we are to resist the tides of civil narcolepsy, these are the bold rhythms we are to align ourselves with. The true beauty of PUNK lies in its ability to be exactly what you want it to be, but if it is to have any real power, it must be: AS FUCK. – Zakary Slax



released December 1, 2013

sloppy Joe: guitar, vox
Halcyon A: tambo, vox
Scotty B: bass
Chris M: sax, trash can
Ilse K: drums

recorded by James "jamderson" anderson may 16th 2013

kiss the void records 001

300 hand-stamped, numbered 7" records

comped here:

I know it’s some sort of personality defect, but I will forever enjoy bands bragging about how punk they are. Hell, I’m reviewing three such records this month, and while Kappa Chow are clearly the least punk of the three, I’m still pleased to have spent some time with this single. They’re kinda like a mix of Edie Sedgwick and The Mummies, total frat-rock, but the cool frat from whatever ’80s movie is stuck in your VCR. “Punk As Fuck” works as the Kappa Chow entrance theme, pointlessly bragging as it warms up the room. “Love On Me” features an equally obvious riff, the sort of thing that made Alice Cooper and KISS millionaires and still works for punk rock groups today. On second thought, neither of these songs are spectacular, but I love the sleeve’s cartoon art and the songs fit it perfectly, like a slime monster in a Ramones jacket coming to eat Archie and Jughead. You probably don’t need to hear this single, but I’m glad I did!


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kappa chow Sackville, New Brunswick

inevitably physical/ undeniably cool.

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